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Safaris and Tours

1. Pilanesberg National Park
Explore the Big Five.
A day Safari in the Pilanesberg Park offers almost all wild animals of South Africa such as Giraffes, lions, elephants, rhinos etc. It is a natural closed eco-system in a dormant volcano 1300,000,000 million years old, 55,000 ha and 25 km diameter, and was once higher than Kilimanjaro with a original height of 8 km. Wonderful changing landscapes with surprises waiting around corners.

One sees almost all animals in one day when luck is on your side; lion, leopard, cheetah, elephants, rhino, hippos, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, warthogs, antilopes of all sizes. 

Photo opportunities abound, and in our VW Bus or Amarok Pickup you are bound to see more because of the high sitting position.

There are many safe picnic places behind electrified fencing to rest, eat, and with modern toilets.

Price includes :
•    Transfer to the park and back
•    Overnight with dinner and breakfast
•    Barbeque picnic in the park
•    Admission + Guided Tour through the park
Prices : 

•    1 Person    :  600,00 Euro
•    2 Persons  :   750,00 Euro
•    3 Persons  :   875,00 Euro
•    4 Persons  : 1000,00 Euro
•    5 Persons  : 1125,00 Euro
•    6 Persons  : 1250,00 Euro


2. Kimberley Big Hole

An old diamond mine from the 1800’s with a perfectly preserved town of the period. It is the biggest and deepest manmade hole in the world. It still contains a lot of diamonds, but became too dangerous to mine after the bottom half filled with groundwater. Jewelry and diamonds is offered at special prices. There is an exiting observation platform extending over the pit, and the old mining museum town offers a rare insight on life then as it was in 1871.

At 250 km distance it offers a nice day tour with a reststop along the way.

Prices (includes roadtrip, entrance fee, and a guided tour through the museum)

•    1 Person      :  240,00 Euro

•    2 Persons    :  300,00 Euro

•    3 Persons    :  360,00 Euro

•    4 Persons    :  420,00 Euro

•    5 Persons    :  480,00 Euro

•    6 Persons    :  540,00 Euro

•    7 Persons    :  600,00 Euro

3 Mosselbay, Capetown, Gardenroute

Mosselbay has the second best climate in the world after Hawaii!

Mosselbay is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in South Africa.
It is part of and at the western end of the world famous Garden Route.
It has the mildest climate of all SA beaches, with wonderful white sandy beaches, and pleasantly warm water of the Indian Ocean.

Many activities is possible from Mosselbay, like Elephant riding, Sailing lessons, Boat- and helicopter tours, Zip lines, predator park, monkey and birdland, and the Rainforest.

Capetown, also known as the Mother City, is the second biggest city in SA after Johannesburg. It is famous for Table Mountain with its Cable Cart, Cape Point national park, also known as Cape of Good Hope, Kirstinbosch Gardens and any more.


Cape Agulhas

The southern most point of Africa is here. One can clearly see the meeting of two oceans, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, because the warm and cold water does not mix, and is green and blue in color.

4. Western South Africa and Namibia

This is in my opinion the best part of Southern Africa, with highlights like Augrabies Falls and National Park, Fishriver Canyon, Ai Ais hot springs, Lüderitzbucht (birthlace of Namibia), Kolmannskuppe Ghost Town in the Namib desert, and the Kgalagadi transfrontier park.

There are many wonderful things and stops to make along the way.

We adjust every tour to fit every guest and his/her budget after consultation (email).
Duration, rest stops, places of interest, overnight stops, highlights, routes, and activities are flexible. Contact us ;-)  
Hottie’s Phone: 0027 780263941
Sarah’s Phone: 0027 749657446


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