Horse Riding

It is beautiful and exciting to ride through the natural Savannah, early mornings when a lot of wildlife is still up and about, or early evenings during our beautiful Kalahari sunsets, or even midnight rides at full moon.

We offer for all levels of competency, from ‘never ridden before’, to beginners and experienced riders. On horseback the natural wildlife are a lot tamer and better to see.


Per outride R150 per person


We have different sizes of bows, and we will gladly show you how to shoot.
Shooting bow and arrow is free.


Swimming is free and any of our 4 dams can be used at any time.

Hiking and strolling

On our 700 ha ranch there are many kilometres of pathways and hiking trails. Discover jackall and warthog holes, all kinds of birds species, surprise a kudu, or a porcupine...
Experience the dawn or sunset of a lifetime!