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Cactus Cottage:

Sleeps 2 to 3

The room is discreetly situated next to our cactus orchard, and it features walls of natural stone, a bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin, and a great fireplace. Quietly situated for honeymooners as well.










Sleeps 2

The room is situated next to our swimming dam filled with beautiful Koi Carps and close to the leisure / dining hall.
It features a circular sitting / bedroom (similar to royal Zulu huts) a bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin attached to natural rock.










Room Patrice:

Sleeps 2

The room is adjacent to our Leisure / Dining Hall and it features a comfortable bedroom with a joining bathroom of generous proportions with shower, toilet and wash basin.










The Little Prince Room:

Sleeps 2

The room is situated between a sitting room and and bathroom, and decorated charmingly in the theme of

‘Le Petit Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupèry. This room, and Room Patrice, are only both occupied between friends and family in a visiting group, because they share the same bathroom. Otherwise only one of them will be occupied.


































Leasure / Dining Hall:

Features a great fireplace, a dinner table seating 14, a corner bar and a lounge area. Great for spending time next to the cozy fireplace during winter. 


Per person 60,00 Euro per day for bed and breakfast. Our breakfast is a more than generous Farm breakfast with eggs, bacon, freshly baked bread, cheese, tomatoes, onion, ect. Dinner is a T-Bone/Rump steak grill or a special dish for 15,00 Euro.

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